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Pray for the 31

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This podcast is based on "Pray for the Thirty-One Largest Frontier People Groups", a 31-day prayer guide available at or The episodes are labeled with which edition of the prayer guide it is based on. This prayer guide gives you opportunity to pray for almost a billion people living within the thirty-one largest frontier people groups that have little chance of ever meeting a Jesus follower. Our desire is to join together thousands of believers igniting global prayer to bring God’s blessing through Gospel movements to these 31 largest groups of over ten million people. We hope in raising prayer and increasing awareness of these overlooked peoples, many hearts will be stirred to feel God’s love for them, crying out with a fervency for the right laborers to follow God’s Spirit into their towns, cities and regions to bring to them a blessing that can only come from the one true God. “Through you all the families on earth will be blessed." - Genesis 22:18